a few words about us

We are the world's first digital scavenger hunt company. We merge QR-Code based interactive Tag Hunts with education and fun for your event or property!

Company Info

Tag Hunts has been using QR-Code based tags for many years. We have used them on everything from interactive digital scavenger hunts to full scale ticketing systems. Our team has decades of experience in their respective fields and are top content providers. We have deep client relationships with various clients ranging from individuals all the way to Top 100 companies.


The Tag Hunt

Smart Device Scan

QR-Code Smart Device In Action

Participants interact with their smart devices after successfully scanning the QR-Code in the field. Any QR-Code app on any device will work.

Fun Tag Hunts

Basic Tag Placement

Place tags anywhere to bring life to the scanned factoid. You can make cut-outs, print them in outreach or marketing materials, newsletters and more...

In The Field

Code Placement For Outdoor Activities

Learning stations can be created to bring people out into their own local learning environments. Participants can hunt as individuals or they can hunt in groups.


Fully Credentialed

You can create STEM certified lessons for your Tag Hunts. If you need assistance, we have fully credentialed proffessionals that can assist and create lessons for you.

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our advantages

Our company grows every year and your Tag Hunts improve along with us. The following points explain why our customers trust us.

Tag Hunt Industry Leader

We were first on the market and have outlasted all of our competitors. High-tech products and top-notch customer service have brought us to the forefront of the Tag Hunt industry.

Superior Participant Experience

The priority of our company is participant experience, and we never stop pursuing this goal. We have built a team of specialists who know how to help make your Tag Hunts more efficient and fun.