services overview

We offer many choices for your Tag Hunt. Our team will help you customize a Tag Hunt and even provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) certified lessons.

Marketing Materials

We can assist you with marketing materials to make your Tag Hunt a success.

Sponsor/Donor Ads

Displaying sponsor ads on your hunts will allow you to monetize your Tag Hunts.

Devices and Setup

We can provide you with devices as well as help with setup. Contact us for details.

Timed Tag Hunts

You can let your participants see how their time measures up against other Tag Hunters.

Custom Design

We offer you the ability to custom design your Tag Hunt or let us create designs for you.

Ongoing Support

For custom accounts, we offer full-time phone technical support as well as onsite support.

What we offer

Our company offers the only digital scavenger Tag Hunts. Explore environments in new exciting ways!

additional available services

Search Engine Indexing

Your ongoing Tag Hunts will be automatically indexed with all popular search engines so they can be found when others search for you or your organization.

STEM Certified Lessons

With our highly qualified STEM advisors, we can offer you STEM certified lessons for your Tag Hunts. Your hunts can include new standards of learning while offering a fun experience.

Donation Option

With Explorer and above Tag Hunts, we offer your participants the option to donate to your cause directly from your Tag Hunt.

Real-Time Statistics

A full range of live statistics is available to you during and after your Tag Hunt. You will have the ability to print, save or send your Tag Hunt stats to anyone. These stats can be downloaded or sent in CSV or PDF formats.

Sponsor/Donor Ads

You can display ads for sponsors of your events or of your own brand. This will allow you to monetize your Tag Hunts and can save you on cost or even pay for your Tag Hunts all together.

Tag Hunt Listings

We understand the importance of advertising. We can post your event on our site so others can find your local Tag Hunt. We also include our site listings in our outgoing Newsletters.

Publicly Listed Tag Hunts