Scavenger Hunts

Turn your event, party, property, outreach materials, newsletters and so much more into an educational, interactive, digital scavenger Tag Hunt!
Web-Based, compatible with any mobile device using a QR-Code scanner. When no internet connection is available use our FREE app.

Simple. Interactive. Fun.

Welcome to the world's first digital, interactive scavenger hunt technology. Create your own custom Tag Hunts for any event. Simply print and place them around your event. Give your guests a totally new experience. Create stations with questions and feedback then gather statistics live during or after your event to help measure success!

Complete Compatability

Your Tag Hunt can be played by anyone with a smart device of any kind. All that is needed is a QR-Code reader app from the device's app store. You can also download our FREE app to use offline when no data connection is available.

Intuitive Play

At each Tag or station, the participant can be prompted with hints to the next station. You can also provide fun-facts along the way to educate your guests about your event or location. These can then be followed by questions after the hunt.

24/7 Hunting

Once your Tag Hunt is setup, it is available to be played at anytime of the day or night for the duration of your choice. Tag Hunts can take place during a simple timed event or can take place over a long period of time. This is up to you.


While Tag Hunting is a relatively new concept, we have been using QR Tags to track, hunt and process orders for over 10 years. We pride ourselves in creating a fun and easy environment for users to learn and interact with their environment. Finding ways to merge technology and the outdoors, as well as engaging with others, is our complete objective. Have fun out there!

  • FREE

    Our app is completely free, so you don’t have to pay an additional fee to use it. Simply download, install and you are ready to Tag Hunt.


    Use your smart devices to take a deeper look at the environment around you. Display fun-facts about locations and engage others.


    Have a question regarding our Tag Hunt? View our forum or contact us today to learn how to make your Tag Hunt more engaging.


    It truly could not be easier to engage guests and immerse them into your event while measuring the level of participation in real-time.


    You can go on the Tag Hunt by yourself or you can share your device with others or groups and go together. No limits on play configurations.


    Tag Hunts are hosted on the cloud so uptime is 99.9% guaranteed and speed is never an issue when trying to race others in timed Tag Hunts.



Not all scavenger hunts are made equal. With our digital Tag Hunts, you can create a simple and fun experience for your guests.

Pre-Made Templates

We provide some pre-designed Tag Hunt templates for you to choose from. This will allow you to focus on your content while maintaining a streamlined user experience. You can also customize your Tag Hunt.

Get Started in Under Five Minutes

You can get started generating your first Tags and begin testing your Tag Hunts in under five minutes. You can start creating your tag hunt today and come back later to fine tune it, edit current locations or simply add more stations when you have some extra time.

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