A Few Words About Us

Realizing that technology has revolutionized the way our culture communicates, TagHunts has combined the digital to enhance the reality. Merging screen time with reality allows one the ability to engage AND experience reality while connecting with others.

Company Info

TagHunts provides many creative options for your event regardless of size. Interpretive Trails, Digital Scavenger Hunts, Full Scale Ticketing Systems, Marketing or Educational Enhancements, are only a few of the solutions provided by TagHunts.

The TagHunt

Versatile Tags

Place Them Anywhere on Anything

These QR based tags can be printed by you and placed anywhere you like. We can also create custom signage for a more permanent solution.


Compatible With ALL Smart Devices

Our systems are 100% compatible with all smart devices equiped with a camera. iPhone, Android or Windows. Simple internet browser based. No proprietary app needed to participate.

Get Ouside

Code Placement For Outdoor Activities

Learning stations can be created to bring people out into their own local learning environments. Participants can hunt as individuals or they can hunt in groups.

Educational Events

Fully Credentialed

You can create STEM certified lessons for your Tag Hunts. If you need assistance, we have fully credentialed proffessionals that can assist and create lessons for you.

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Our Advantages

Our company grows every year and your Tag Hunts improve along with us. The following points explain why our customers trust us.

Tag Hunt Industy Leader

We were first on the market and have outlasted all of our competitors. High-tech products and top-notch customer service have brought us to the forefront of the Tag Hunt industry.

Superior Participant Experience

The priority of our company is participant experience, and we never stop pursuing this goal. We have built a team of specialists who know how to help make your Tag Hunts more efficient and fun.