Interpretive Walking Trails

interpretive sign
Smart Signs

Simple Smart QR-Code Based Signage

Turn your trails into an interactive experience for your visitors. Tell in-depth stories of how and why your park's history matters. Works on any smart device with a camera, (no proprietary app required).

Museum Tours

Clean Signage For Interactive Outreach

Allow your museum visitors to watch videos, read more in-depth stories or other imagery, to understand what is being shown in your displays.

Q & A

Test What Visitors Have Learned

You can include questions with each tag scanned or at the end of the hunt. You can offer simple selective answers or allow for open-ended feedback. This allows you to ensure you are getting the most out of your interpretive trails.

Full Data Analysis

Understand How Your TagHunts are Affecting Visitors

Create, share and send interactive reports. This will allow you to offer feedback to your organization or partners regarding how impactual each station is and what exactly your visitors are getting out of their experience; This will maximize the use of your resources.

Why TagHunts?

interpretive sign
All Ages

Fun For Everyone

Our systems are built to welcome visitors from children to adults. Simple videos, text or images offer all ages a chance to participate and learn from your content. No cartoon or video game based experience which can limit understanding and usage.

No App Required

Just a Simple Smart Device

While we do offer a downloadable app, our system is smart enough to allow participants to simply point thier camera at a QR-Code to display content. No special downloads or extra proprietary data updates are needed.

Lower Cost

Lower Cost & No Long Term Contracts

Save money and customize your plans. We also do not require any long term contracts; simple month-to-month billing is available. Cancel anytime.

Full Support

Instant Updates and Local Support

We are U.S. based and have offices in Arizona and Montana. We have the ability to support you locally. You also have the ability via your online control panel, to update your content instantly with no updating required by participants.

Collect Donations

Help Fund Your Property or Cause

You can collect donations directly from our app or site. This can help assist you to raise funds allowing you to keep your property going and clean for a prosperous future.

Allow Sponsors

Partner With Local Supporters

You can display clickable banners below your content. This will allow you to track views and more while potentially capturing funding from local supporters of your cause.

Sign Construction

We Build Them For You

We can design, create and construct custom signage for you. Anything from temporary corrigated plastic types to permanent wood or metal construction, and much more.

Map Creation

Custom Paper Handouts

We have in-house artists to help you create a physical, paper handout map for your property to give to your guests. These maps can include your TagHunts along with simple landmarks and more.