Interactive Infotainment

Inform, engage and entertain with our interactive digital experience! Facilitated by our proprietary software, the ability to captivate and challenge the end user is limitless. Web-based compatibility allows one access WITHOUT requiring the downloading of an app. Simply utilize your devices’ QR-Code scanner.

Scan. Play. Win.

Today we live in a digital world. What if you could combine the digital to enhance the reality? Let TagHunts help you enrich your event or experience. Professional, Educational or Personal Fun are only a few of the options available. Feedback and statistics are also an option available to help one measure their success.

Complete Compatability

TagHunts are compatible on all smart devices. Since there is no proprietary app required for download to use, anyone with a smart phone can participate.

Intuitive Play

Engage your guests or visitors at each Tag station by providing helpful hints and clues. Incorporating a hands-on experience allows each participant to engage in a technology that makes a difference and impacts their experience.

24/7 Hunting

Once your TagHunt Experience is setup, complete control is yours! The ability to manage all aspects of your event are available via your admin panel. The experience is limitless.

Why choose TagHunts

Tag Hunting is a relatively new concept. QR Tags have become an industry standard over the last 10 years. Implementing this technology to create a fun and easy environment for users to learn and interact with their environment provides a new and exciting experience by merging the digital experience with reality while at the same time engaging others.

  • Free & Accessible

    Our system is designed to be browser based. You do not need to add another app to your phone just to participate. Simply scan with your smart device camera and enjoy.

  • Explore Environments

    Use your smart devices to take a deeper look at the environment around you. Display fun-facts about locations and engage others.

  • Online Support

    Have a question regarding our Tag Hunt? Contact us today to learn how to make your Tag Hunt more engaging.

  • Ease of Use

    A simple and uncomplicated way to engage guests at your event while measuring the level of participation in real-time.

  • Social

    Enjoy the TagHunt as an individual experience or share your device with others for a group experience. No limits on play configurations.

  • Cloud Speed

    Tag Hunts are hosted on the cloud so uptime is 99.9% guaranteed and speed is never an issue when trying to race others in timed Tag Hunts.


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Custom Designs

Not all scavenger hunts are made equal. With our digital TagHunts, one can create a simple and fun experience for their guests.

Pre-Made Templates

We provide many pre-designed TagHunt templates to select from. This will allow one to focus on content while maintaining a streamlined user experience. TagHunts is always available to provide users with a customized look.


Generate and test your first Tags in under five minutes. The option to complete or edit your hunt at a later time is available to all users.

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